Old town of Lærdal

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After the drive through the long Lærdal tunnel it isn’t far to reach the town of Lærdal. The modern part of the town is pretty uninteresting but there is a small area called old Lærdal.

The old town of Lærdal is only a couple of streets but there is a nice collection of old houses from the 18th and 19th century which has survived through the ages intact without getting destroyed by fire or modern development.

We stop at the small old town area and go for a wonder. Supposedly you can collect a guide at the small tourist office which is located at the main square where you will arrive in the old town. We didn’t get the guide but the area is small and it is easy to spot all that seems interesting.

We arrived by car to the village and as it turns out we are not the first tourist arriving by car – back in 1901 a Dutch tourist had arrived by car and spend a night at one of the hotels in town. Apparently this was the very first car tourist in Norwegian history. So tourist has been at this place for as long as car has been around.

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