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We always have a good memory of this place from our last visit years ago.  It was such a beautiful old house with dazzling thatched roof, delicate furniture and a romantic atmosphere.

The fire place in the room where we got the snacks

The restaurant is facing the water with a big firework in the green garden which create a cosy and warm feeling.  The service is top notch and the price match it at DKK 2200 per person (€300 per person) with wine matching excluding the champagne.

Biscuits, ham and olives

Once we arrived at its door, we were seated at the lounge to enjoy the snack and champagne.  There were 3 different snacks consist of thin biscuits made from cheese, green olives and two slices of ham.  It was hand made from the kitchen.  The vegetables were coming from its garden as well.

Oyster with soup

Then we were usher to the main dining room for the unforgettable dining experience.

Bread and butter

We got fresh oyster top with something crispy and dark soup to accompany it.  Personally, I prefer fresh oyster with vinaigrette and chilli, but it was still good experience to try something new.

Turbot with leaks and young salad

Then the warm bread with butter arrive, it tastes delicious.

Lobster tail and young onions

Next the turbot fish with grilled leaks and young salads arrived on the table.  The fish was soo tender and very tasty.  The portion was adequate.  From memory I though last time portion was a lot bigger, but Mickey said it was the same. The different was I am getting bigger and not a baby dolphin anymore so I can eat more food compare with years ago. What a comment………

Stuffed mushroom

Anyhow, the mix seafood and lobster tails with young onions and vinaigrette was delicious.  I really enjoy it.  The chicken stuff mushroom with green asparagus puree was okay but the portion was soo tiny.  I wish I could get more.

Chicken with asparagous

The fried chicken with asparagus, hazelnuts and a sauce of greens from the garden was tasty and the chicken was meaty.

Cheese plater

We requested to have a mild cheese and it was good, served with warm bread and garnish.  It took such a long time for the cheese to arrive since we saw the table next to us has been served.  We were wonder if they have run out of the cheese.  After more than half an hour, finally it came to the table.

Bread for the cheese

Lastly, we got the ice cream sorbet of lemon with almonds, honey and chamomile flowers.

Icecream sorbet with honey and garnish

All of all, it was good despite the long wait for the cheese.

Falsled Kro :   https://www.falsledkro.dk/

Adress: Assensvej 513, 5642 Millinge, Denmark

Ph: +45 62 68 11 11

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