Small village of Falsled

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There are many nice small villages around Fyn. In the south western corner you find a small village which is more famous than the rest of the small towns. It is the small town of Falsled. The city is mainly famous because the old inn in the village was turned into a gourmet dining place already in the 1970s when this kind of dinning was pretty much unheard of in Denmark – and definitely in a small village like Falsled. The inn prospered and it is still standing today as one of the leading restaurants in Denmark despite the famous Michelin guide repeatedly has ignored the restaurant.

The inn of Falsled

But even if you don’t want to visit the restaurant the village is nice to visit. There are a collection of old houses with thatches roof – many of these houses has been purchased by the inn which use them as extra rooms for their many guest which primarily comes from Copenhagen and need a place to stay after a good dinner with wine.

There is also a little harbor where you can go and see the small fishing boats – there are actually still some costal fishing going on in this tiny village so they go out in boats which looks more or less like a rowboat to pick up what they have caught during the night.

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