Beach area of Horne

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We have been staying for a while in the small holiday area just outside the village of Horne on South West Fyn. The area has a collection of summerhouses which is located on a small hill so almost all the summerhouses has a view – the one we had rented certainly had a great view of the area with many small islands just off the shore.

Beach of Horne

The main attraction of a summerhouse area is usually the beach. Unfortunately the beach here is not the best it has no sand and consists of only small rocks. But there are a few small bridges from where you can walk into the water so you don’t have to walk long through the rocky ground.

Oyster catcher taking off

These bridges also seemed to attract the local bird life. Every time I went down to the beach there were some birds down there. There were usually a cormorant sitting at a pole resting or drying its wing and on certain occasions there were other birds like oyster catchers.

Cormorant resting

The only little downside to this area is it is located in what appears to be the main route for the Danish air force base not too far away in southern Jutland. So occasionally were heard a jet flying by when we were in the house. Fortunately it seemed like peace was ruling at night so we didn’t hear any fighter jets during our peaceful night sleep.

F16 flying by

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