The small peninsula of Helnæs

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We are exploring the south eastern part of the island of Fyn for a bit and we drive to a small peninsula of Helnæs. The peninsula used to be an island but they have connected it to the island of Fyn by a small dam which you can drive and get out to the peninsula.

Helnæs is a nice place to go and explore for a bit but you will need your own transport – either bike, car or boat. The area doesn’t have any major sights so it is unlikely to be crowded no matter when you come – but there are a few minor sights which are worth going out and exploring.

Old mill on Helnæs

The first thing you will notice just after arriving at the peninsula is a little hill you can go to the top and enjoy the view of the peninsula and the road leading out to the peninsula which looks interesting from above.

Church with purple colours

After a quick stop at the top of the peninsula we reach the main town with a little church. The church was located behind a lot of purple flowers – though this will only be a seasonal thing so maybe the view of the church is less interesting without the extra colours added to the church.

From close to the church there is a little dirt road which looks a bit sketchy but the road is ok to drive. When you reach the end of the road there is some good views of the small cliffs down at the water.

A final point of interest is going to the old light house which helps guide the ships of the area which is popular by sailors since it is a pretty area with many small harbors where they can stay for a night.

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