The lagoon at Bøyden

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There are many small lagoons around Denmark and one little interesting one is Bøyden Nor which can sort of translate into Bøyden Lagoon. It is located right next to the ferry terminal for the ferry going to Fyns Hav which is located on the small island of Als just a bit north of the Danish border to Germany. Many cars go to this harbor but not many seem to take a look at the area.

The wet land area of Bøyden Nor

We spend a week in a summerhouse just a short drive away from here and this became a favorite destination since it was so close to where we stayed. The area is a nature reserve because of the wet land is home to many birds. This was the main reason for us to go here several times. There were always some birds in the area every time we went. Unfortunately the area was closed to the public during the breeding season so we could only see the birds from a fair distance.

Apparently there are about 200 different birds visiting this small area – there were only a fraction of this number of birds present when we went here but we did see a lot of different species including the Oyster catchers, cormorants and swans in addition to several different species of ducks and smaller birds living in the grass land around the small lakes the water birds enjoyed.

Souschef of Falsled Kro preparing for dinner

It isn’t just the birds taking advantage of the area. During one of our visits we saw a man dress in a chef’s uniform. He was out to collect local produce growing wild at this area – he was working at Falsled Kro which is top restaurant of the island of Fyn despite the fact it for some reason still haven’t got one or more of the illustrious Michelin stars in the famous guide.

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