Biggest city of the area

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We have been staying in a small town without any shops so when we need supplies we have usually just went to Højer for getting whatever we need. But Højer has a bit limited shopping with only one small grocery shop. I guess the locals just go across the border to Germany to do their shopping during normal times – but the border was closed so this wasn’t an option.

We did go to the nearest bigger town in Tønder where there is a few bigger shops with everything we could possible need during a short holiday. The first time we went we didn’t go and see much of the city we just went shopping. But at the second time we wanted to visit the village we decided to go for a quick look around the old town and not just the shop outside the center.

The center of Tønder has a small old center which is a nice little place to visit. We arrive fairly late in the day and it does appear that the shops in the center stay open after maybe 17.30 in the evening. So the pedestrian street is almost deserted and we are the only ones walking around the city.

The houses in the city looks a bit like the houses you find south of the border in towns like Flensborg. I guess this is a typical building style of the old area of Schleswig. The houses look pretty with the building style and we enjoy the quick walk around the main shopping street of the city. It doesn’t take long to walk the street since the city might be the biggest city of the area – but the old town is still tiny.

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