The castle of Gram

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There are a few castles around the area of southern Jutland and one of them is Gram Slot. This little castle seems to do a lot to attract business in the form of tourist. The main castle has some tours at different times and you can go in on an organized tour. But this would require you actually arrived in time for the tours which we didn’t do since we were coming just before the castle closed. So we could just see it from the outside and have a look at the garden behind the castle which is open to the public free of charge.

The castle itself isn’t the only attraction a short walk across the road is the old out building of the castle which used to house the stables and the granaries and other support buildings for the formal castle.

The old buildings have a certain style and a nice to look at. The buildings house a shop of local delicacies and a restaurant which we don’t visit so I have no idea what the food is like.

On the other side of the road is a sign of a little local zoo – the zoo is free to visit so we head in and see what it is. It is one of the smallest zoos I have ever seen. The wildlife consist of chickens a couple of pigs, two horses and a few rabbits. I guess the kids will like it since the animals apparently are patient and used to children.

There wasn’t a lot to see at the castle – but it was a nice little stop during the afternoon trip across the area. So we enjoyed the little castle out here.

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