Schackenborg Slotskro

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Do you love seeing castle????  I do…… I always get excited when I heard the word of castle and my mine straight take me into the imaginary of the big building which I can wonder around freely and hide from the crowd if I have to.

During our isolation time due to the corona virus pandemic where we try to stay safe and distancing from other people, we were lucky to be able to dine at this place which originally part of the castle in the South of Jutland.  The restaurant is part of the castle and it is also a hotel if the guest want to stay there.  The place just open as the government restriction lifted and it was only the two of us in the restaurant one week after the place opening its door to the public and only one staff looking after us.

Dinning room with all the guest

The city is very small and tranquil with many old houses with thatches roof and not far from the summer house we were staying.

Bread and butter

We got our drinks immediately and the bread follow.  However, it took a while for the food to arrive but we were not in a hurry, so we just enjoy the solitude and the music.


The first dish of fried scallops with celery pure, butter and green herbs was defined.  I really love the taste and it presented nicely. 

Green asparagus

The green asparagus in hollandaise sauce with the mashed potatoes and bacon was okay but quite bland in taste.

Faroese salmon

The smoked salmon from Faroe Islands with cream cheese, radish and greenery was the highlight.  The portion was huge, and the food was really tasty.

Beef with mushroom sause

The lamb with the carrot and timian sauce was really good and tender. The beef with mushroom sauce was cook to perfection.

Creme brulee

Lastly the crème brulee dessert and rhubarb ice cream with chocolate cake was to die for.

Chocolate cake and rhubarb icecream

Really love the food and it was good to be out and dine without cooking at home.  Price was very reasonable for such a good food.

If you love solitude with beautiful view and good food, do visit this place.

Schackenborg Slotskro

Slotsgaden 42, Møgeltønder

Tønder, Denmark

Ph. +45 7473 8383


  1. Food to die for? Are still alive after all those dishes? Admittedly they look delicious and make me jealous, as I too love food and at some point in my very eventful life, I had a restaurant. I had many letters from happy dinners as I only used the freshest ingredients and didn’t cook/steam vegetables until the starter was over.
    Scallops? Try putting whole large scallop cleaned in an oyster shell, add strong bullion, a few julliens of colourful vegetables(cut into thin matchsticks, cover with the shell top, wrap in a puff pastry, yolk brushed into the oven for very few minutes, The crispy pastry serves as a mop=up for the juices.

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    1. We only had four courses each – but we had different dishes so it add up to more than 4 🙂 we are still allive and the meal was top class. I guess the chef had plenty of time to take care of the food for us without stress.

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