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When we have been driving around the area we have been taking the GPS guidance all the time – and it seem to prefer a route which takes us a couple of miles inland and then turn to the main highway and from there it follows the highway but after a bit of a drive it turns back to towards the coast and we get back and follow the coastal road again.

House across the pond in Hjerpsted

But there is a small road just next to where we stay which seems to be going in the right direction for us. So today we decide to try the road and see where it will take us. This road is a bit smaller than the main road but it seems ok and we go along it with the GPS screaming for a U-turn.

Abondon house in Hjerpsted

After a little bit of driving we reach the end of the sealed road – but the road continues as a dirt road which seems in decent condition so we decide to continue driving since it is the right direction. By now the GPS has given up on us and decided we can actually use this dirt road and we continue for a while.

Deer’s along the dirt road

Not too far the main road we get to a large fence which is there to keep in a fairly large flock of deer’s – I guess this might be where my game meat comes from. We stop pretty much at the middle of the road – there doesn’t seem to be too much traffic so if we just drive the car a bit to the side of the road it should be fine.

A nice little house in Hjerpsted – I think it is for rent as a summerhouse

We leave the deer’s behind and drives further down the road until we reach the corner where we usually take the main highway. We get back to the sealed road but we stop for a little while. We have reached the tiny village of Hjerpsted.

Old house along the road

Hjerpsted hasn’t got a lot going on – there seem to be a bus stop where the bus might stop rather infrequently every two to three hour during the day time and nothing in the evening. The village has a few old thatches roofed houses and a little pond in the middle of the village which is the interesting part of the place. The small village doesn’t attract a lot of visitors – to be fair there isn’t much to see but it was a nice little stop along the road.


  1. A very nice place to pass by, houses interesting, for me in particular because of the unusual shape of the roof.
    All in all, lovely. I am amused by you liking your own posts.

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