View from the water tower

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The small town of Højer is located close to the German border in a very flat area – the land around here is so flat because it has slowly been created as tidal flats which have slowly risen a bit above sea level over countless centuries.

With the flat land you can get a great view if you could walk to the top of a hill and look out over the area – but there are no hills for miles around so this isn’t an option. There isn’t a lot of high rise buildings in the small village I actually don’t think any house has more than two floors.

The only options to get up in the air are the old windmill of the city – but this is under reconstruction so this is out too. This leave only one option to get up in the air – the old water tower of Højer. The tower is only around 20 meters high but this is sufficient for a great view of the area. From the top of the tower you supposedly can see 8 different churches around the southern part of Jutland and northern Germany. I am not sure we actually could see all the 8 church towers but we definitely were able to locate some of them.

From the top of the water tower there is a good view of the city of Højer and you can see the ocean in the distance and far north and south you can see the distant villages of the area.


  1. Very attractive place and the houses are from a bygone time. Peaceful, quiet and the view of the sea in the distance
    make you want to leave the tower and have a stroll (long one) toward the villages and the water.
    Thank you for the pictures.

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