Climbing the second highest mountain of Rømø

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We head to one of the biggest island in the tidal area in the southern part of Denmark. We get to the island along a long dam which has been built to connect the island of Rømø with the rest of Denmark. The road out there is fairly high now but apparently it has been flooded on some occasion during the biggest storms in the area – hence during a major storm the island will be cut off from the main land.

The main feature of the island is the beach along the west coast which actually includes the widest sandy beach in all of Denmark. We didn’t really spend much time at the beaches on this visit instead we decided to head for the high land of the island and we wanted to climb the second highest mountain on the island. The climbing was a bit of a challenge since the second highest mountain is pretty high – no less than 1,800 and we will go from pretty much sea level to the top. And those 1,800 isn’t using feet – no this is using the good European style metric system – the mountain was indeed 1,800 millimeters above sea level or 59 feet.

Marker of the top of Stagebjerg

We stop at a parking lot and then start hiking into the small wilderness of the island. The highlands are some old sand dunes which probably used to move with the prevailing westerly winds. The sand dunes were finally tamed a few centuries ago or so by planting trees in the sandy ground and the dunes have stayed put ever since. The landscape is fairly interesting to hike with the different trees and the small dunes you can walk up on top of.

View from the top of Stagebjerg

There are actually quite a few dunes in the area and they are pretty much the same height all of them – but apparently Stagebjerg is just a little higher than the rest so that is the target for the day. We finally manage to find Stagebjerg and can hike to the top. When reaching the top there is actually a surprisingly good view from up here since the landscape below the dune area is very flat and there is a clear view from the top of the dune.

Way up to Stagebjerg

Below the dunes the area is open farmland and very green and you can spot the ocean in the distance – I guess you can see almost half the island from the top of this high point of the island.


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