Højer a southern city a bit overlooked

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The small old town of Højer is located a few miles inland from the new dike they have built to protect the area. to the south it is only another few miles to the German border – so the town is a bit locked into a corner – at least when you are in the area during the time when the border was closed.

The city doesn’t seem to attract a lot of tourist going to explore it – this might be aggravated by the closed border which keeps the Germans away – but I don’t see many Danish tourists either. This is probably due to the fact the town just isn’t a very famous town known for its many tourist attractions – hence nobody go to the city even though they might pass by to visit the famous lock where Videåen runs into the North Sea.

We spent a bit over a week in a summer house a few miles outside Højer – which made Højer the closest place where there was actually a shop where you could buy your supplies and get some groceries for dinner and such. Hence we did go to the small town several times and we found it did have some charming spots with lots of old thatches roofed houses and small street to wonder around – including some cobbled stoned streets.

Not so old house across from the sausage factory

The town’s main attractions include the sausage factory which actually produces a lot of good sausages which is sold in shops all around the area and a fairly large butcher shop at the factory itself. On top of this there is an old windmill – but this windmill is currently under repair so the wings were down and it looked a bit bare – I think there is a museum of sorts at the windmill but it was closed for the moment and may not open until the windmill is repaired hopefully next year.

Windmill without wings

A last little attraction is the old water tower right next to the only grocery shop in the town. You can go to the top of this 20 meters tower – the height of the tower is sufficiently low so almost everybody can make it up the stair – but at the same time it more than high enough to give some great view out over the surrounding area since it is very flat and you can see for miles.


  1. I can see the attraction and it is undeniably worth a visit, especially because of the sausages. I am joking!
    At some point, I should write in my blog about the interesting places my readers write about, of course with their names and with their permission. Did you have a chance to look at my today’s post?

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