White men at the sea

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The most notable statues around Denmark might be the four big statues just outside the harbor city of Esbjerg. The city of Esbjerg is a fairly new town for Danish standards since it was founded as a harbor as late as in 1868 as a result of the loss of Altona just north of Hamburg as the main harbor of the North Sea in the Danish kingdom.

Measuring the height of the statue

The city quickly grew but didn’t have a lot of old landmarks since the town came from nothing to a large town by Danish standards in less than a century. The fast growth meant the city didn’t have a lot of old landmarks so when the city got four new giant statues just opposite the main tourist attraction of the city (fishery and maritime museum) the statues quickly became the main landmark of the town.

The four statues are called Mennesket ved havet – Men at the Sea. They are bright white and 9 meters tall and located right at the beach looking out at sea from their elevated position. The white men attracts a lot of attention and a lot of people were out here on this sunny spring day making it very difficult to get that attractive shot of the men at sea without a lot of tourist in front of the men. Finally after waiting for what seem like an eternity I finally got a shot of all four men without anybody in the picture – well except from four giant white men.

The fourt giant white men at the sea

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