The most northern town of Skagen

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After visiting Gammel Skagen the modern city of Skagen feels more like an actual city and not just a scene for the holiday makers. The modern city of Skagen might be small but it is a functioning city with the stuff you expect of a city – like grocery shops and other things you need if you are actually living at the place. There is also a decent size harbor for a small town.

Harbor of Skagen with a tanker for a oil trading company

On this sunny spring day of the year a lot of people go down to the harbor for lunch – I guess part of the reason is the sunshine – but part of the reason are without a doubt the fact that the restaurants is still closed so if you need food you need to find a take away place and down at the harbor there is a fish and chips shop selling their stuff and people are eating it up in the sun at the harbor wherever they can find a place to sit.

 Inside the city there is a couple of small nice pedestrian streets where you can walk – there are several restaurants which would typically just have opened for the season – but right now most were closed and a few sold take away. Wondering the town you still see the yellow houses dominating like they do in Gammel Skagen but the town here has a bit more varied impression compared to the old town.

Yellow houses

The town is famous for the Danish painters who came here to paint in the later part of the 19th century and there are actually some fairly famous art museums with their art at display – unfortunately they are closed so we don’t get a chance to see them this time around just like last time when they were also closed either for the season for some sort of renovation – I can’t remember what it was.

Yellow houses in Skagen

So we just wonder the streets of the town for a bit before heading up north of the city – where there are no more people living just nature will be out there.

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