Yellow houses of Old Skagen

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The settlement of Højen is better known as Old Skagen – this settlement predates the current town of Skagen which is Denmark’s most northerly city. the settlement of Højen used to have a reasonable number of people living but today most people have left for nearby Skagen or other places to live – so the 13 or so resident of the settlement live a bit alone during parts of the year – while the area is busy at other times of the year particularly during the short summertime. When the town comes to life with the hotels filling up and the countless number of summerhouses around the old village is filled up with guest.

The area around Skagen started to become famous in the last part of the 19th century when a lot of painters started to go to the city to enjoy the special summer light of Skagen and pain the many local fishermen. This was the beginning of Skagen as one of the main holiday destinations of Denmark.

Ruth’s Hotel

Around Gammel Skagen a lot of houses were built as summer holiday homes and most of the houses are colour in a very characteristic yellow colour which is the main feature of the old town. During the summer the city is one of the favorite destinations for the wealthy from Copenhagen who comes here for one week during the summer holiday which is called Skagens uge (week) because this is the week when everybody wants to be seen in the village. Prices skyrockets and the hotels are booked out and the best restaurants are fully booked.

During the spring when we visit this time around the town is pretty quiet – there are some people but it isn’t overcrowded and we can enjoy a short stroll around the yellow houses and down to the sunset square where people come and enjoy the sunset at the beach at night. The village is pretty to have a little look around and we enjoy the houses before we head off again – one of the best restaurants of northern Jutland is actually located right at Ruth’s Hotel in this town – unfortunately it was closed for the moment like all other restaurants but we have had a great meal here a few years back.

Beach and a house with a perfect location


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