The end of the land

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From Skagen town it is a short drive north to a famous area called Grenen. It is a short drive since the road only continues for a few kilometers – and then we reach the end of the road. There are no more roads anywhere to the north of here and we just end up at a parking lot.

Grenen where the two waters meets from each side

We leave the car and walk out deciding what to do next. We might be at the end of the road but Denmark still continues for a couple of kilometers to the north along the sandy beach. We could walk it but decide to skip the walk along the beach and wait for the special tractor which drags a car along the beach to reach what is usually considered the northern most point in Denmark Grenen at Skagen. The spot might look like the northern most point where the waters meet and get all the fame – but the actual northern most point is a bit away from this spot somewhere along the beach which nobody actually notice.

We get out of the car behind the tractor and go out and have a look at the waters meeting. The wave formation and this spot are quite interesting since the waves come from both sides meeting at the tip of the land. The tractor only stays for a about 15 minutes and then it turns back – you don’t really have to jump back on but if you don’t you’ll need to wait for another ½ hour for the next trip back. Except for the water meeting at the tip there isn’t much else to do around here so we decide just to take a few photos of the water and then head back on the first trip of the tractor.

If you do come to this area at the right time of the year there is actually some excellent birding – since the migrating birds come here to the end of the land from where they will have to go over the sea to reach their summer destination somewhere in northern Scandinavia. I guess if you come of the birds you will probably skip the tractor and just hike out to a good spot from where to look at what is in the sky around you.

Sandormen – the sandworm – the tractor for the transport

Another interesting thing to do at this area is the bunker museum which is located close to the parking lot from where you can catch the tractor.

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