Gråbrødretorv in the center of Copenhagen

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In the middle of the city is an old square called Gråbrødretorv it translate into the Greyfriars Square. The square got its name from an old monastery which was founded by the Franciscan friars in the 13th century. The monastery and church which belonged to the monastery is long gone. The friary was dissolved in 1530 just before the Lutheran reformation was introduced in Denmark only 6 years later.

Closed restaurants around the square

The old monastery has been dismantled long ago and nothing is left but the name of the square which has survived the monastery until this day.


The other buildings which used to be around the square were destroyed in the fire of 1728 and the current building dates back to the period after this. The square is actually fairly pretty and you can reach it easily on a little stroll around the old town of Copenhagen. It is just a few meters away from the main pedestrian street of Strøget.

Peder Oxe restaurant – currently closed

Usually there is a lot of activity on the square which got a large selection of restaurants so traditionally you will see people eating outside until late into the night during springtime.

The empty square

So it was a bit strange to go and see the square now with all the restaurants closed down and hardly anybody walking around the square.


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