Flowers without sakura

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A nice Japanese tradition is to enjoy the cherry trees in the spring. And like so many other cities Copenhagen has gotten a donation of the cherry trees so you can go out and enjoy the cherry blossoms in the spring.

Cherry trees blossom in the spring

One of the most famous spot for the cherry trees are at the Langelinie Park which is kind of at the midpoint of Amalienborg royal mansion and the Little Mermaid so if you walk from one of these attractions to the other along the harbor you will unenviable walk right pass these cherry trees so you can enjoy the flowers in the spring.

During a weekend in April there will usually be a small sakura festival with a Japanese theme so you can go and have a little feeling of being in japan. Unfortunately the festival has been cancelled this year but nobody told the trees so they are still pretty to look at.

Statue on a pillar among the cherry trees

It is nice to walk along the trees and enjoy the flowers – they looked a bit white and not the normal pink but it was still nice to see them.

When you walk around this area you can see a couple of attractions right across the harbor you will see an old submarine and an old frigate. These are located at the old main harbor of the Danish navy – the navy has relocated so these vessels are no longer on active duty but has been turned into museums. You will also see a statue of Frederik IX who is the father of the current queen of Denmark.  

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