Babies come out for the spring

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We decided to go out and enjoy the nice sunny day and we went out to see the birds around Christianshavns Vold the old fortification around Copenhagen. It is always a nice little area to go out for a little walk along the water and have a look at what kind of water birds might be present during the day.

There always seems to be a lot of ducks and at least a couple of swans in addition to a lot of seagulls flying around the area. In the recent weeks there have been a lot of geese hanging around the water.

When we went today we didn’t see any geese at first – but after a little walk around the corner we saw a lot of geese – they had just moved around the corner from where we saw them the last time around.

The geese don’t seem to be very active they tend to sleep a lot during the day when we walk by and they don’t seem to want to move at all. But today was a little different – the first baby geese were out on the water swimming along with the proud parents. It was good to have a look at the baby geese it make it feel more like spring is really here.

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