Daytrip to Dragør fishing village

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One of our favorite small daytrips from Copenhagen is to the small old village of Dragør. It is easy to get there by bus 250S or even better you can just jump on a bike and get there on your own power.

The small village is a small village which grew up around one of the many small harbors which used to exploit the rich waters in Øresund. The fishing in these waters was the foundation for the wealth and growth of Copenhagen but the fishing boats has left the city – most of the fishermen have also left Dragør but there are still a few small boats left.

You can still go down to visit the harbor and have a little look at the boats in the harbor. There is actually a little shop which sells smoked fish which they have smoked themselves right down at the harbor ensuring the products are truly fresh. The shop also sells other seafood including some food for take away and they do have a little outdoor are where you can eat your take away food.

Water pump in Dragør

The village is famous for the small cobbled street with some old yellow houses lining the narrow streets. The village isn’t very big like other old village so you can easily wonder through the village in a short stroll.

Just outside the village is a small grassy field and sometimes there is a lot of birds out here – there can be a lot of geese going around and having a snack at the grass. The geese are plentiful and funny to go and watch.


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