Odd Fellow mansion

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One of the most interesting old mansions in Copenhagen is the Odd Fellow mansion it dates back to 1755. It is located in the area called Frederiksstaden not far from the royal mansion. The mansion was formerly known as the Berckentinske mansion after the original owner. Later the mansion changed hand to become owned by the finance minister Schimmelmann and it was named after him.

Concert hall

The mansion got its current name when the Odd Fellow order took over the mansion in 1900. The mansion is still used by the order where they keep their meetings and ceremonies. The mansion burned partly down in 1992 but has been restored to its original appearance. The mansion contains a total of 200 rooms so it is a pretty big building.

Grand master seat

Since the mansion is used by the Odd Fellow order there is not generally public access to the mansion but you can visit on rare occasions – the easiest time to visit is during the annual open museum night called Kulturnatten which takes place on the night of the second or third Friday of October.

Since we are not member of the order we had to visit the mansion on one Kulturnatten where we could go around the mansion. we started our visit going to the concert hall and an area which is used as a kind of restaurant for people who have business in the mansion.

The most interesting part of the tour is probably the main hall where they have the ceremonial meetings of the order. It is located on the top floor of the building.


  1. Very nice pictures, i belong to the Order. I was wondering if you were able to take a picture of the Lodge from the outside :). Thank you!

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