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The restaurant is located a bit away from the center in Frederiksberg and at first you may think that this isn’t the right location for an upmarket restaurant. Since across from Formel B you can spot a tattoo shop and there are other signs of this area being the home to not so upmarket residents who will most likely never eat at this place – and rather go for the local kebab shop. But right here is Formel B which is still one of the best restaurants in Copenhagen when it comes to the food.

About decade years ago this place was one of the fastest rising restaurants in Copenhagen. The young owners had already got their first Michelin star and they thought they were on the fast track to get upgraded to 2 stars category. Back then they tried to go for it but it never materialized. So in the end they gave up on the high class dinning with the set menu with 8-10 courses. Instead they changed the concept to an upmarket gourmet bistro where you order a la carte and most dishes cost the same – 150 DKK or about 20€ – some is a bit more expensive at 200 DKK. All dishes is sort of half size dish so they recommend you eat 3-4 different dishes each plus a possible dessert – except if one of your dishes is the caviar which is a bit on the small side so you might need an extra dish in this case.

After managing to pick a few courses the food starts to arrive fairly quickly and the taste is good and presentation is generally welcoming. You can buy wine at the bottle or glass if you find that a full bottle is a bit too much for you. The concept of people ordering several glasses of wine by the glass seems to cause some problems for the staff. At least I think they made an error with my bill – but unfortunately I am not honest enough to complain about a couple of glasses of wine arriving at the table and not on the bill.

Back when they re-launched the restaurant as an upmarket bistro they increased the number of tables significantly. This had the unfortunate side effect of making the place seem a bit cramped with the neighbors close by.

The company has actually been expanding in recent years and you can enjoy great food at the uformel restaurant which serves good food at slightly lover prices.

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