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Uformel is a sister of Formel B restaurant and both offer the same Nordic cooking styles, where you can pick a menu or a la carte.

The door to the restaurant

The restaurant is located in the city centre, close to Tivoli garden and City hall.

We decided to have their 5 courses menu with wine matching for Mickey and juices for me.  I could not drink too much wines since my electric bike still do not know how to drive home itself, so I need to be sober after dinner.

Oyster as a little snack

For the first snack we got fresh and delicious oyster, follow with prosciutto, crispy fish skin and bread.

Iberico ham to start

Unfortunately, I found the bread was not nice. It was hard and also cold.

bread and butter

Then we got ceviche fish.  To my surprised, the food was good, since I had nightmare about ceviche and do not really like it when I tried it several times in South America.


Next we had a fish cake with vegetables.  This food also delicious and I savour it greedily.

Fish cake with bokchoy

More fish dish arrived with great taste.  The presentation was not much however the food itself make up the missing link.

Deep fried fish with potato puree topped with chrispy dry fish

I was not too happy with this food since my tartar beef was substituted with beetroot.  Come on…. Every time I changed the beef dish, they always give vegetables as substitute.  However, Mickey said his tartar was great.


For main meal we had pork chop which is huge in portion and delicious.  It was soft and the sauce complement the meat nicely.

Pork chop

The dessert was delicious.  It was pie top with vanilla ice cream.

Pie topped with vanila icecream

Both of us were happy and it was a great night out. 


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