Møns Klint – biggest white cliffs in Denmark

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Tucked away at the far corner of an island in the extreme south of Denmark you find one of the top natural attractions of Denmark. it is actually a couple of hours drive from Copenhagen but people still head down here for a weekend excursion to go and explore the famous white cliffs at the eastern shore of the small island of Møn.

Looking down from the top

The cliffs are pretty remote and if you don’t have your own wheels it will be a challenge to get here on public transport since it would require several changes between train and buses and the buses in this part of Denmark don’t drive very frequently. If you do have a car it is well worth heading down here – or make the detour if you arrive from Germany on the ferry to Denmark – the cliffs are actually fairly close to the ferry harbors.

View of the white cliff

The total length of the cliffs is about 7 kilometers and the highest point is 128 meters – so there is an amazing view from the cliff of the water and the white chalk cliffs really stand out. You can walk from the top of the cliff down to the beach below on one of the stairs leading down – only remember you need to walk back up again so you will need a reasonable amount of fitness to be able to get back up.

The cliffs are wonderful to walk around and despite their fame in Denmark the number of visitors is fairly limited – only around 300,000 people visit every year and the area is fairly big so even on a summer day it doesn’t get too crowded.

Ancient stone grave at Møns Klint

When you are finished visiting the cliffs you can go to a small park with a castle called Liselund Slot. It is free to enter the park. The castle is part of the National Museum of Denmark so there might be access to tours of the small castle but I have never been inside so I am not sure how to book a tour. It looked closed last time I was down there – but it was in the late afternoon so maybe it is open earlier in the day.

If you are doing a daytrip to the cliffs of Møn you might consider visiting the cliffs at Stevns as well. They are not quite as impressive but unlike Møns Klint the cliffs at Stevns are actually a UNESCO sight because you can see a bit of clay from the meteorite which killed off the dinosaurs 65 million years ago.

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