Silo – restaurant on top of the harbor

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One of the fairly new restaurants in Copenhagen is Silo restaurant which is located on the top floors in one of the most expensive apartment buildings in Copenhagen. The reason these apartment are so expensive is the location – the building is located in the northern part of Copenhagen harbor and there is an amazing view over the harbor below.

We arrive in the evening for dinner and unfortunately it is dark so you don’t get the best view of the water – but the view of all the lights in the harbor is still pretty good so before the dinner starts we take in the view of the harbor.

The service at the restaurant is good and we quickly get some water and they ask for drinks orders. We start the dinner with some snacks which. First snack is a little ham with tomato and a mayo on top with some cheese sprinkled over it all.

Next snacks are a couple of oysters with a few mussels and a couple of pieces of crackling pork with a little bread with a little dip to go along with the bread.

The first actual dish is a nice little dish with mushrooms in a small soup – it actually tastes very nice and is a great start to the meal.

The second dish is a serving of fish on top of a cream made of Jerusalem artichokes. This is actually the last of the starters and next up is the main dish.

The main is pork made in two ways one rib and one regular piece of meat. The two pieces are seasoned very differently – which probably seemed like a good idea when the cook thought about it – but here on our plates it comes out a bit strange with the tastes not really suiting each other.

We have finished with the main part of the meal and we are already at the finishing parts. We start out with three different cheeses and a little homemade crackling bread and a little bit of jam.

Finishing up is two good little desserts and we are finished with the meal and ready to head back to Copenhagen – the restaurant was a bit outside the city but you could reach it by bike easily. And in the future it should be easier to get there since the metro line to this part of the city has just opened two days ago. It could be nice to go back and have dinner at the restaurant when it reopens after the lock down. This way we could enjoy the view during the long summer nights in Copenhagen.

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