Flamingoes at the beach

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We have left the mountains and returned to the coast of the southern part of Catalonia. We go out to a wetland area called the Delta de L’Ebre. Getting out here we have to leave the main highway and take a small road which goes out through a very flat and low laying area. We are not sure if this is part of the natural park out here or if it is private park land where they grew crops like rice which can grow in these wet conditions.

There are a lot of birds on both sides of the road taking advantage of the water to go fishing for small fish or other animals living in the shallow water here. We continue the drive along the small road – it is in a worse condition than the other Spanish roads we have been driving along so we have to keep an eye out for the holes in the road.


Finally we come to the national park itself and out here is an area where the flamingoes spend their winter in search for a bit of food in the shallow water. I suppose they never get any serious frost here at the Mediterranean coast so the water is always open.

There are a few more cars out here looking for the flamingoes. Unfortunately the flamingoes seem to be a bit shy so they stay far away from the observation deck which is located right next to a fairly big parking lot. We stay here for a bit looking for the pretty birds in the distance trying to catch a photo or two of the pretty birds.

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