Palamos out of season

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We reach one of the many beach towns of Costa Brava in Catalonia where we spend the last couple of nights of our tour around Spain. The town is a pretty traditional beach holiday destination – and there is a nice beach in the city. There are a lot of hotels along the beach – but this time of the year most of them are closed it seems like it only our hotel which actually stays open during the low season of the year.

The beach of Palamos

There are some advantages of visiting out of season. Our hotel is located right at the main beachfront street and I am sure it will be really busy during the high season. During the high season you will have to pay to park on this street and you can only stay for a limited time – but now is far out of season so there are no longer any restrictions on parking we can park for free as long as we want to. Well ok there is sort of a restriction we can only stay until the end of March where the season starts again.

When we go out at night there are only a few restaurants open so we end up taking advantage of the hotel special for both nights here. There is a decent menu to choose from so it isn’t too bad to stay here for dinner.

Second harbor

The next morning we head out to have a closer look at the town. We head across the street to have a look at the beach – it is a fairly big sandy beach which I am sure attracts thousands of people during the season. But this time of the year there is nobody down at the beach.

It isn’t far from this part of the beach to the harbor which is a dominating feature in the city. There are a couple of small museums down here and maybe you will be able to buy some seafood here as well. We don’t have a kitchen so we don’t really care for buying fresh seafood at the harbor.

View from the hotel room

The city itself isn’t very interesting. There are a few streets up the hill with some buildings which aren’t the most interesting. The town has clearly grown with the tourist destroying what might have been of the charming old town back in the day. We head up the hill which takes us to a spot from where there is a good view. Down below is a secondary harbor for the pleasure boats of the area.

We head back down the hill to the hotel skipping the local museums and deciding to drive out to explore the area.

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