Small town of Sant Mateu

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We follow the road down from the hills of Morella towards the coast. A bit down the road we reach a small town in the foothills of the mountains. We stop for a bit to have a quick look around the small village. The village used to be the capital of the surrounding area but time has kind of moved on and left Sant Mateu behind. It is no longer a major center of anything it just looks like a little dusty village of the area behind the coast.

Columns at the edge of Sant Mateu

We find a place to park at the edge of town and then we start walking around the small streets of the old town. There aren’t a lot of people around so it is pretty quiet to go and explore the area.

We wonder the streets of the city and there are a few nice building along the streets. But the most interesting part of the city is concentrated around the main square of the city which naturally is called Plaza Mayor as all major squares in Spain. The square is pretty big and clearly dates back to a time when the city was more important than is the case today.

We wonder further around the streets of the city without seeing many people. We head down to the old walls of the city which probably used to protect against the enemies back in the day – but nobody have been paying much attention to the crumbling walls so they are in a bad state of disarray.

We decide to head slowly back to the car just peeping inside a courtyard of a random house which is actually pretty – there seems to be some hidden gems tucked away around the small village.

We get back to the main square at the edge of the city and here is a little house which houses the old washing spot for the village where the people could bring their cloth and do the washing. I guess this too has become obsolete with the introduction of the washing machine so nobody was doing the washing today.

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