Small town in the mountains

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We head out of Teruel at first there is a big and very straight road which makes the drive pretty fast on the big road with no traffic. You can see for miles down the road since there isn’t a turn. The only little bump is a bridge crossing at the local airport at Teruel. After driving down the big road for a while the quality of the road deteriorates rapidly. Suddenly we are driving on a twisted and pretty narrow road where it is hard to do the speed limit.

After a while we drive by a turn on the road and on top of the turn is a small old fortress. I guess there is a lot of such small fortress scattered around all of Spain but this one has a good location right at the road making it easy to get a decent look at it from below.

We get to the city and manage to find a place to park the car along the river. There are a few houses here and across a small river. There are some nice old buildings in the small town and there are a surprising high number of small museums for a tiny town. The museums are all closed today so we don’t investigate the exhibitions any further.

Up on the hill above the city is a large fortress which is the main highlight of the city. It looks pretty interesting from below but we don’t get inside since everything is closed today. So we only enjoy the view of the castle from below.


      1. yes indeed you were lucky very cold area in winter but if no snow the roads are better summer hikers and walkers fill the place. We love it thus and stay at house 1400 meters up!

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      2. We had checked the weather forecast before going this route. And it said good weather. I think a storm hit a couple of weeks later which probably close down some of the roads.


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