Cardinal Ram Hotel and Restaurant

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We stayed a night at this place.   The hotel itself a bit difficult to find as GPS couldn´t pinpoint the exact location, so we just parked the car right outside the city gate wall and walked without our luggage to find the place. After a couple of times checking with local, we managed to find it up in the hill right at the medieval town.

The hotel itself looks beautiful with medieval building and feeling.  Inside the reception, a couple of big tapestry on display and the big stairways leading to the rooms. There are arches or cove inside the building.  I am not sure if they have elevator or not as we walk the stone stairways to the room.

The stairway

Our room was spacious and beautifully furnishes with modern furniture and fantastic view over the mountain.

Painting in the hall of the hotel

Since we stayed right on the 1 January 2020, not many restaurants open and after wondering the town to find a place to eat, we decided to dine at the hotel restaurant.

The hall of the hotel

The restaurant itself was huge and nice.  Luckily one girl speaks English well and we communicate with her but strangely the hotel reception couldn´t speak English and we used google translate to communicate.

The hotel restaurant only served a New Year dinner menu for the cost of €27 per person for 3 courses meal (without drink), however you will need to pay extra €7 for beef and lamb steak order.

The food comes in timely manner.  We find the portion was too little for what they charged and not the best food in the area.  The salad was ready made and not that fresh.  Mickey was happy with his beef but complained a bit since he said it was too small and not 500gr as advertised.  My lamb chop was very thin and dry.   I have a traditional dessert in the area, kind of yogurt and taste was good.

If you are in the area, you can stay in the hotel as it was very nice room and quite but try other restaurant outside the hotel.

Interestingly, we notice the next afternoon there were plenty of outside guests queuing at the restaurant to have lunch.

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