Starting the year in Teruel

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Teruel is a small Spanish provincial capital placed up in the hills. The city is located pretty high so apparently it can get pretty cold in the winter month – but this New Year day the weather is nice and sunny and the city is warm. People enjoy the New Year by coming out in large numbers visiting the many cafes on all the squares of the city.

Main square of Teruel

We drive from Valencia to here and then we search for a place to park the car. We manage to find a parking garage which hopefully is in the center of the city. We park the car and then we walk out of the garage and go searching for the center. It turns out we have managed to find the most center located parking garage since the main square of the city is just around the corner.

One of the large nice houses on Plaza del San Juan

We start out looking around the large square of Plaza del San Juan the square. There are a lot of large old houses around the square and it is actually a very pretty square. It turns out this square is the true highlight of the city but fortunately there is a lot of more nice places as we walking along the center of the city.

We head down a couple of small pedestrian streets there are some more nice old houses along the small streets and around the other small squares of the city. There are a lot of people in the streets but I don’t think there is a lot of tourist it looks like it is only the locals out enjoying the sunshine of the New Year.

There are also a lot small streets of the town which all seems pretty deserted the people have congregated on the main squares of the city where they can sit at the different cafes and enjoy life and the sun.

We get to another place where there is a large church in the traditional building style the city of Teruel is famous for. The church is nice with the many carvings around the walls and the tower of the church.

We have probably walked around all the main streets of the old town by now and all the museums is closed so there really isn’t more to go and see in Teruel so we head back to the car to drive on.


      1. yes the moors were there. Only Asturias was spared. and that is why the heir to the throne of Spain is also call the Prince of Asturias. the lovers are in the old town… oh well I try lol!

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