Windmills of Campo de Criptana

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The highlands of Castilla-La Mancha have lot of old white windmills. A visit to this part of Spain really isn’t complete if you haven’t seen at least a few of the windmills. Fortunately we can go and see them at a couple of different locations. The other day we saw the seven windmills on the hills above Consuegra and today we see more windmills one more time.

Windmills on a hill before we reach the main windmill area

We get close to a small town in the area and as we drive to the town there is some windmills standing on a hill in the distance. The windmills are pretty – but it actually isn’t the windmills we are driving towards so we only stop shortly along the side of the road to take a couple of photos and then we continue the drive.

A few windmills on the hill

We get to the village of Campo Criptana. The village has some narrow streets and the road to the windmills is a bit hard to find – the gps tells us to go one way but the signs says the windmills is in another direction – we decide to follow the road signs instead of going on a random short cut.

Finally we get to the top of the hill where there is about ten windmills today. Back in the day when Cervantes wrote his famous novel Don Quixote there was a lot more windmills. Archeological evidence has actually found the remains of several more windmills so there probable were the 30 or 40 windmills which were mentioned in the novel.

The center of the wings of a windmill

We park at the top of the hill and walk out – the windmills are at an open area and there is free parking right in front of them. It is always nice to go and explore a major tourist attraction completely free of charge. We are not the only ones which have made it out to the windmills in the afternoon so we walk around the area along with a lot of more or less local Spanish.

It is nice to walk around the windmills in the sun in the afternoon so we walk for a bit and have a look at the wings of the windmills. After the wondering around the windmill fields it is time to drive away. We decide to follow the gps down from the hill. I guess it is a shorter route – but it is along pretty narrow streets so I am not sure it was the fastest way down from the hill.

Wings of a windmill

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