Walking across Puenta de San Pablo

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Visiting the old city of Cuenca it is a must to go and see the famous hanging houses which clings on to the top of the cliff along the small Huecar River. The hanging houses are the main reason to go and visit Cuenca.

The best place to see the houses is not from the old town itself – since you can’t actually not see the cliffs from inside the old town. Instead you have to see the houses from across the little valley. Here you can spot the houses clinging on to the edge of the cliff.

The hanging houses at the entrance to the old town

The very best place to go is the pedestrian bridge of Puenta de San Pablo. From here you can spot the houses on the other side of the river. You get closer as you walk across the bridge – but this doesn’t really improve the view of the houses.

From the bridge there is also a good view of the dramatic cliffs on the other side of the valley where a church is located right at the edge of the cliff as well.


      1. I realized that after walking there. Thought there would be no parking out there so we walked back and forth to the modern town where we had parked the car.

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