Old town of Almagro

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We wake up in the morning and enjoy the breakfast room at our hotel – it is nice to eat breakfast in a large inner courtyard. After the breakfast it is easy to start the sightseeing. We just walk out the door. And right outside the door is one of the nice small streets which dominate the center of the old town of Almagro. The street has a string of white houses along the cobbled street.

We walk a bit along the old streets and enjoy the white houses. A bit down of one of the streets is a small square with a couple of church on it. The walk in the old town is really easy since the old town is so small so it is quick to walk from one place to the other.

The main paprt of the square

The main attraction of the old town is the Plaza Mayor but the side streets are nice as well. There aren’t a lot of really major attractions in the town – but the small streets are pleasant to walk and enjoy the quite streets. There are a surprising large number of old churches in the small town.

It is nice to walk around the old town – but it doesn’t take long to see all there is to see so we leave the nice old town of Almagro behind and continue our journey around Castilla-La Mancha.

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