Plaza Mayor of Almagro

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The old town of Almagro is one of the smaller old towns of Castilla-La Mancha south of Madrid. Despite its small size it does have a very nice Plaza Mayor which is actually the main highlight of the city.

The Plaza Mayor of Almagro is the main square of the city and it seems like pretty much every restaurant and bar in the city is located at this square. The locals do come down to the square at night to have a drink and some tapas. So there is a lot more live around the square compared to the rest of the city.

A bit of fog on the square in the morning

The square is actually pretty big for such a small town and there are some very interesting buildings around the square. On both sides of the square are some old buildings which are built in the same style. There is a row on columns on both sides and the windows on the first and second floor is small with some fairly big planks of tree surrounding the windows. The tree is uniformly painted in green which gives the square a special feel since all the buildings looks similar.

At one end of the square is the biggest public building of the city and on the other end of the square is a little park. When we went they still had the Christmas tree up on the square which gave a little extra to the square.

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