Visiting a random palace of the city

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We are walking around the old town of Avila looking at the old buildings and squares and after we have seen a lot of nice old buildings we arrive at a little square. On the square there are an old palace called the Palacio de Ochoa de Aguirre. There is a door into the palace and it is open so we have a little look inside.

It turns out the building is a museum and the entrance is actually free. So we decide to have a little look around the old building to see what it is like.

It turns out the building is actually bigger than it looked from the outside. It is organized in the traditional Moorish and Spanish style around a couple of inner courtyards which are invisible from the outside. The first courtyard is currently dominated by a Christmas display which is probably only seasonal so it has most like have been taken down by now.

The palace is a mix of a museum of an old house and an art museum so there is some paintings on display. There is also some old furniture in some off the rooms which make them nice to look at – they tend to be a bit bare if there are only the paintings on the walls.

We walk fairly quickly through the house. The exhibitions aren’t the most interesting we have seen. But considering it is free to visit the house I still think it was worth having a quick look around the house to enjoy the courtyards and the old furniture.


      1. They put the name of the later owner who was the corrigidor or mayor appointed by the King but still known locally as Superunda. I know simply…

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      2. You just dont call it a castle. This building would not be classified as a castle in denmark since it got no square or park. It would be a mansion.


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