Walking the wall of Avila

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When you go to the old town of Avila an hour away from Madrid the first thing you will notice is the large wall surrounding the old town. The wall might very well be the best preserved of all the walls in the old towns of Spain.

The construction of the wall was started in 1090 but the current wall is a result from a reconstruction from the 12th century. The wall around the old town has a total length of just over 2½ kilometer and there are no less than 88 towers along the wall and 9 gates letting you in and out of the old town.

A small bastion on the wall

The wall of Avila has been declared a Spanish national monument back in 1884 and 101 years later it was also declared a UNESCO world heritage. So it is probably the main thing to go and see when you get to Avila.

I think the best way to experience the wall is by actually walking along the wall. You can get up on the wall on a couple of different locations. It isn’t possible to walk all the way around the wall – but you can walk pretty much half the distance of the wall along one side and a bit more on the other side.

When you start from end of the wall you walk on top of the wall down the hill until you reach the other end of the old town. The walk along the wall is all downhill so it is an easy walk. The only problem is when you reach the end of the section of the wall you can walk you get down to the bottom of the old town – and you have to walk all the way up hill through the old town.

The wall of Avila

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