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We very much like travelling in the Czech Republic. There are so many wonderful small towns all around the country and the prices in the country side is really favorable making it a pretty cheap place to go travel. Our impression of Prague is a bit different – none of us really likes the city that much so we have been avoiding it for years. But we decided to give it an extra try for a weekend trip exploring the old town.

Nadroni Museuum

We join the thousands of tourist in Prague and head towards the old town to see it once again. We take the metro to the Muzeum metro station. we get up to the street level right in front of the impressive building housing the Nadroni Museum it is at the end of one of the biggest boulevards in the city where there is an equestrian statue of Saint Wenceslaus a former ruler of Bohemia.

Wenceslas Statue

We walk down the street which is a large scale street but not overly interesting until we reach the end of the street where we get into the old town of Prague. This is where most of the tourist gather and make the area crowded even in the fall where you would expect the number of visitors to have gone down a bit.

We wonder around the small streets until we get to the main square of the old town which is the place most tourists go to. There are some nice buildings around the square and it is a bit bigger than what you would find in smaller cities in Eastern Europe. But I prefer the more quiet places you can find in the smaller cities of the area.

The main attraction on the square is a big church and the special clock next to the church which will do a little show if you decide to wait for the hour. It is too long a wait for the next display at the top of the hour so we decide just to keep walking.

We go down to the main attraction of the city the Charles Bridge – and then the rain really starts. The plan was to walk across the bridge and go and see the other side of Prague in the very late afternoon – but with the rain it will get a bit too wet and cold to go and explore plus it is getting a bit late as well so the light will be gone in a short while. So we decide to skip further explorations for the day and just search for a place to be inside and enjoy the food and beer of the Czech Republic.


    1. Well always good to have an excuse to drink the best beer in the world. I know my hometown beer claims it is the best in the world – but Carlsberg is wrong.


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