Vysehrad fortress

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There aren’t many quite places in the old town of Prague. That is probably why this is my favorite place in Prague where you can go and wonder around the old place in relative peace and quiet since it seems only a few foreign tourist comes here and the people walking around is mainly locals enjoying the afternoon.

Fortress wall

The name of the place means upper castle basically the castle upstream from the main castle of Prague. It is located close to the metro station with the same name so it is pretty easy to get there from the center. The castle was built in the 10th century and according to legend this was actually the first settlement around the city which would later become Prague.

The castle used to have equal statues to the Prague castle back in the 10th and early 11th century where the city was controlled from the two castles. This was the heyday of the Vysehrad castle which dominated the area. Unfortunately for this castle the rulers choose to move to the Prague castle in 1140 and from this point of time the center of power in Prague moved permanently.

For a while the castle was abandon but later it was remodeled as a baroque fortress protecting the approach to the center of Prague.

Inside the castle is a nice green area to walk around and enjoy. There are several nice old buildings including a fairly big church. There is also a bit of a view of the river from the fortress. There are places where you can go and eat as well – so it is a nice little place to go and wonder if you need to get away from the busy center of the city.


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