Kvernufoss – overlooked waterfall

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Really close to the Skogafoss waterfall you find an outdoor museum with old buildings and behind this museum there is a trail which will take you to the Kvernufoss waterfall. It is a short hike to the waterfall across a little field and a small river canyon.

The river feed by Kvernufoss

The walk to the waterfall is nice and after having visited the crowded Skogafoss a few minutes ago it is pleasant to be able to walk here without seeing any tourist on the trail. At the end of the trail we get to the waterfall and a small plunge pool below.

The waterfall is pretty but the most exciting thing about the waterfall is the option to walk behind the waterfall and look out through the waterfall and watch the water falling in front of you. Fortunately the wind is carrying the water away from the cliff so there is hardly any water blown into our faces when we walk behind the fall.

Behind the waterfall

It is fun to look at the fall from behind but and it is nice to have the fall all alone without any other visitors at the same time. After a bit another tourist makes it to the fall and we head away so he can have the pleasure of having the place alone as well.


    1. Judging by the number of visitors not many people had heard about this fall. It was really close to Skogafoss which got bus loads of tourist and here there were only very few.


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