Seltun our last geothermal area in Iceland

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The weather has been so good during our stay on Iceland. We have had sunny weather almost the entire time – but here on our last day when we have to go back to the area around the airport there is a thick fog hanging over the Reykjanes peninsula. We have quite a bit of time to do last minute sightseeing on the peninsula and there are a few places we want to go.

We head up a little road up in the hills. The fog just gets heavier as we drive up the hill. After a bit we arrive at a geothermal area called Seltun. We park the car and start to have a look around the area. There are a lot of smaller hot pools with different coloured hot water but it is actually a bit hard to see the area because of the fog so walking from one spot to the next you can hardly see where you are going. At the different hot pools the view is obscured by the fog so we can only partly see the geothermal features of the area. We don’t stay as long as we would have if the conditions had been better and drive down the hill.

We had planned to go to the Krisuvikurberg where there are some famous bird cliffs with a lot of nesting birds. I had been looking forward to this one as a last highlight of Iceland – but considering the fog there doesn’t seem much point in going out to a cliff walking to the edge and trying to get a glimpse of the birds through the fog.

We decide to give up on anymore sightseeing on the trip and just go back to the airport and return the old beat up Jimny and get a shuttle to the airport. It doesn’t take too long to return the car since the car rental shop seems to be happy that the dent and scratches on the car already were present when we got the car. So we get the shuttle to the airport and have a pretty long wait in the airport. The Keflavik airport is pretty small so there isn’t a lot of exiting stuff going on in the airport but we just have get a bite to eat and wait for the flight.

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