Skogafoss waterfall right next to the Ring Road

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Skogafoss is located right next to the Ring Road – you actually have a direct view of the falls when you drive along the road so you can actually see the fall just as you drive by. You will get a better view if you actually stop and drive to the fairly large parking lot at the fall and have a closer look at the fall.

Mist coming from the Skogafoss

There is a lot of cars at the parking lot in addition it seems like any tour bus going to this part of Iceland has stopped here in the morning to have a look at the waterfall on their way to or from Skaftafell at the Vatnajökull glacier. So it isn’t a private experience to go and see the Skogafoss waterfall.

The falls plunge down into a large pool which is about the same level as the parking lot so it is an easy walk to get from the parking lot to the bottom of the fall. Before getting too close you need to consider how water resistant you are. The waterfall is quite powerful and there is a bit of a spray of water here at the bottom of the fall.

The top of the Skogafoss

After getting wet at the bottom it is time to take the stair to the top of the fall. It is a fairly steep walk but it doesn’t take long so soon we reach the top of the fall. From there you can get a view of the black sandar landscape below with all the crumbled basalt rock which has been taken here by the melt water from the glacier whenever a volcano erupts below the glacier. The view of the sandar is probably more interesting than the view of the top of the waterfall since you don’t really get a very good view of the falls from the top.

View of the sandar from the top of Skogafoss


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