Highest farm in Iceland

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In the north east of Iceland where the lowland meets the highland you find the farm of Modrudalor which is the highest located farm on the entire island. The climate here at the edge of the highlands are pretty rough you can just see this is the extreme limited of where you can actually grow anything worthy of being used for food for the animals.

The road to Modrudalor village

There is a small village here – but I doubt they get much of their income from actual farming and instead get most of the income from ecotourism. There are a surprising large number of tourists for such a remote place at the highlands. The guest come up here to wonder one of the newest lava fields in Iceland and enjoy the special looking building which the village consist of. There is a pretty big restaurant as well where you can get a meal in the highlands as one of the few places where it is possible

When we leave the farm we need to decide if we want to drive back to the main Ring Road a few miles back the road we took to the farm. But there is another option as well. We can drive forward on sort of a short cut going through the highlands back to the Ring Road. It is a far less travelled road and we take the one to the highlands.

We have a pretty drive through the highlands enjoying the view of the area with hardly a car in sight. After a bit of a drive we get back to the Ring Road and continue our drive to the east.

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