Bird watching tower

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We head beak from the light tower along the main trail on the Langanes peninsula. As we drive along we spot a tower next to the track – for some reason we didn’t see the tower on the way out. There are some Frenchmen out here who manage to drive their old VW van out here along the bad roads. They seem to be camping out here next to the bird tower so they can wake up with the birds.

It is a very short walk from the parking area to the bird watching tower. The tower got a perfect location overlooking the cliffs below. Down below is a large colony of gannets – it is actually the third largest nesting colony in the world for the northern gannets.

Top of the small island covered by northern gannets

I like looking at the gannets which look a lot like the boobies we saw so many of at the Galapagos Islands. In addition to the gannets are some auks sitting on a cliff nearby and a few seagulls as well.

It was some easy and enjoyable to watch the birds for a while. Unfortunately it is getting a bit late and we still have a long drive back to the hotel so we have to leave the birds behind.

A lot of gannets nesting at Langernes

It turns out to be a really long drive back to the hotel – somewhat longer than expected. I am not sure if we arrive before sunset or after sunrise since it never really gets dark during our driving. But we cross back over the continental divide to Myvatn just after midnight and it is still pretty light.

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