Lighthouse at the end of the peninsula

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We head back from the abandon village of Skalar to the main road across the Langanes peninsula. We head to the end of the road – out at the end is a pretty light house standing at the end of the peninsula guiding the traffic of the area.

The lighthouse on the end of Langanes peninsula

The lighthouse has an amazing location at the end of the peninsula surrounded by the green grass out here. There are a few cliffs of the area where you can go out and spot the birds on the cliffs.

We find a place where we can see the birds. There are different bird in the form of auks and different seagulls. Unfortunately there is a bit of a distance from where we can stand and the bird cliffs below.

Down at the sea below the cliffs is a lot of ducks swimming on the water taking advantage of the long sunny days up in the arctic.

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