Ducks are all around us

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We drive along the Ring Road until we reach a little lake in the north of Iceland. It is called Myvatn and it is one of the main tourist attractions of the northern part of the island – hence it is one of the few places outside the golden circle which can actually feel a bit crowded and touristy. Fortunately even at this touristy part of the north it is possible to go and find some peace and quiet where you can enjoy the place for yourself.

Duck’s everywhere

One such place is at the Sigurgeir’s Bird Museum which supposedly got a large collection of taxidermy birds. We don’t really know much of this collection since we didn’t actually go inside the museum – we only went up here to have a look at the live birds which is on the lake just outside of the museum. There isn’t just a couple of ducks here – there is thousands of ducks swimming on the lake. There are several different species of ducks swimming on the lake and in a tiny pool of water on the terrace in front of the museum. You actually have to take care not to let a duckling go in the door to the museum when you open the door.

We stay and enjoy the ducks for a while looking at the many small ducklings moving around the area – there has just been an explosion of life up here during the summer with all the ducklings and it is enjoyable to see the live ducks so we don’t even consider going inside to see the stuffed ducks. We do go inside the café of the museum to get a bite to eat while we take a short break from watching the duck – so I guess the ladies at the museums which just happen to be the family running the museum as well – are happy to have us as guest even though we don’t go inside the museum.

Duckling onboard

There is a monocular in the café area of the museum and they do keep a record of which kinds of ducks they have seen during the day so you can go and have a look even if you haven’t brought your own binocular.


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