Smelling land of Hverir

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When we drive from the bird museum we go through the biggest town of the area and then we drive over a little hill – this is actually the continental divide one more time and the area is super active in a geological sense. You can just see the area steaming from the ground and when we cross the hill we can smell the activity as well. It smells like farts.

Hot mud at Hverir

We drive into a small area which is the most active part. Here is a lot of smelling bubbling mud pits which we can go around and have a look at.

There isn’t much when it comes to fences in the area so you just have to use your judgement when you walk around the area. I kind of like this you are left to use you own common sense and not getting the hot coffee warning you might get on McDonalds these days to avoid a lawsuit.

We go around and see the different small mud holes with the mud coming up with a small bubble which burst with frequent intervals around here. It is fun to watch for a while but after having walked around the area and seen all the small mud pits it is time to leave the smell behind and see what else is around in this fascinating area.


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