Godafoss – waterfall of the gods

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The Godafoss is located right next to the Ring Road making it one of the easiest waterfalls to visit around the island. We stop when we are driving from the main city of the north Akureyri towards Lake Myvatn to the east.

The impressive Godafoss

We stop at a parking lot right next to the Ring Road and walk the short distance to the water fall. There are a few trails around the water fall which will give you different views of the water. It is a pretty nice waterfall to go and observe and it would be a shame to drive by when you are going around the island.

The waterfall actually got a special place in Icelandic history since back a thousand and a bit years ago an important man of the north decided to convert from the traditional Asa and Vane faith beliefs of the Norsemen to a new religion of the middle east. As he did so he got stuck with a collection of old religious items he could no longer keep in his possession. What he did was to throw all these important items into the waterfall giving the fall a new name. The waterfall of the gods.


  1. We were in Iceland 2 summers ago … it was magnificent. We spent 2 weeks and barely made it from Reykjavek to Hof along the southern coast. I think I need about 2 months to explore everywhere there. So beautiful.

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