Botanical garden of the north

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We arrive at the main town of the northern part of Iceland in the evening – but it is still bright daylight up here considering Akureyri is only a short distance south of the Arctic Circle. We decide to head for one of the main attraction of the city – the botanical garden. It is open till 10 at night so it is possible to go and have a look late in the evening.

Tractor in town

The botanical garden has a surprisingly large variety with trees much taller than what you would expect so far north – apparently the climate around the city is quite special allowing plant which usually grown much further south to survive up here.

We walk around the garden looking at the many different flowers and a few birds which make the lush garden their home for the summer. The garden is actually pretty big so we wonder for a bit.

It is getting to be close to ten at night so we have to leave the garden – not because it is after dark – but because the garden close at ten and not when it gets dark which would probably be in a month and a half from now.

We go back towards out hotel and on the way we enjoy the view of the fjord below the garden. There is a big boat in the harbor it looks a bit like a cruise ship or ferry. I guess it must be a cruise ship since there really can’t be any destination up here which will justify a ferry of this size.


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